Properties of a Non-Abelian Chiral Spin-1 Spin Liquid

Dr. Julia Wildeboer (hosted by Alex Seidel), Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Kentucky, Lexington
September 11, 2017 at 4:00 pm
241 Compton
Event Description 

In this talk, we will analyze the properties of the bosonic ν = 1 Moore-Read state when used to build a state which is strongly believed to be a non-Abelian spin-1 chiral spin liquid state. In this state the bosonic ν = 1 Moore-Read Pfaffian wavefunction is interpreted as a wavefunction for a gas of bosons on a 2D square lattice with one flux quantum per plaquette. We investigate the properties of this wavefunction for the case of planar geometry and for the case of the system living on a torus. For the latter case, there are three distinct states corresponding to the three-fold degeneracy of the ν = 1 bosonic Moore-Read state. Our results show that correlation functions in these states become identical in the limit of large system size. Further issues investigated include the result that the three wavefunctions on the torus are linearly independent and orthogonal in the thermodynamic limit. Additionally, the Renyi entanglement entropy is also calculated for different system partitions in order to extract the topological entanglement entropy gamma.


Coffee:  3:45 pm, 241 Compton