Oxygen Isotopes Beyond The Proton Drip Line

Tyler Webb (host Dickhoff/Sobotka), Department of Physics, Washington University
January 12, 2018 at 12:00 pm
241 Compton
Event Description 

The proton drip line is home to two-proton decay, the most recently discovered nuclear decay channel. For 2p-decaying states in light isotopes, the lifetimes are short and the invariant-mass method is ideal for measuring the decay energy, width, and momentum correlations between the decay fragments. I will present an invariant-mass measurement of the 2p-decaying nucleus 11O, the mirror of 11Li. I will also present a new measurement of the 2p-decaying ground and excited states in 12O, including a newly observed 2+ state. An ambiguity having to do with the possible two-proton decay of this 2+ state to the 3.353 MeV state in 10C will also be discussed.