Controlling Electromagnetic Fields for Energy Applications

Professor Shanhui Fan (host Ogilvie), Director, Edward L. Ginzton Laboratory, Stanford University
March 21, 2018 at 4:00 pm
204 Crow
Event Description 

The way we generate and utilize energy is strongly connected to our capability for controlling electromagnetic fields. For example, the solar energy comes to us in the form of electromagnetic radiation. And our everyday access to energy is through the electric grid. Thus, new abilities to control electromagnetic fields open new possibilities for energy technology. In this talk, we will discuss some of our efforts in radiative cooling, where we seek to harvest the coldness of the universe through the use of nanophotonic structures. We will also discuss some of the recent efforts in enhancing the robustness of wireless power transfer, utilizing the concept of parity time symmetry.

Coffee: 3:30 pm, 245 Compton