Calendar of Milestones

This generic calendar applies to students who follow the typical timeline, starting graduate school in August, taking their oral qualifier at the end of their second year, and graduating in May a few years later. Students who arrive in January or plan a September or December graduation may have their milestones shifted by a few months.

Please note: this webpage is a collection of helpful reminders, not a definitive listing. Students should check the GSAS calendar and consult with the Physics Graduate Secretary (Sarah Akin) to make sure that they are aware of all relevant deadlines and milestones.

Month Milestones
August 4th year students (those about to begin their 5th year) must submit the "Notice of Title, Scope, and Procedure of Dissertation" form to GSAS.
A fillable form is found at: title-scope-and-procedure-phd-only
November (early) Qualified (typically 3rd year and above) students should meet with their faculty mentoring committees for a progress review. The committee then submits a "Faculty Mentoring Commitee Report" form to the Physics Graduate Secretary. The form is available at: FacultyMentorCommittee.pdf
November (late) By the end of the fall semester, 2nd year students must choose their oral qualifier committee and submit to the Physics Graduate Secretary the "Proposal to form oral qualifier committee" form to have it approved by the chairman of the department. The form is available at: oral_committee.pdf
  Students who plan to graduate the following May must file the "Intent to Graduate" form with GSAS in WebSTAC.
January By the end of January, 2nd year students should have scheduled their oral qualifier exam for some date in the spring semester.
April Students who plan to graduate in May must have completed the thesis defense and must submit their thesis to GSAS. Deadline for electronic submission is the last Monday in April.  The dissertation and Thesis Template download link is available on the  the GSAS Website and on the Physics website:
May By May 15, 2nd year students should have taken their oral qualifier exams and submitted the form: OralExamforPhDQualification07.pdf.