Inducted as Fellows of the American Physical Society in 2009

September 7, 2009

Phillips, Rob (California Institute of Technology) - Former graduate student of Anders Carlsson Citation: For fundamental contributions to the theoretical understanding of the influence of mechanical forces on biochemical processes, and for teaching physics in biological settings through workshops and textbook authorship. Nominated by: Biological Physics (DBP)

Sobotka, Lee G. (Washington University) – Professor of Chemistry and Physics Citation: For his contributions to the understanding of complex nuclear reactions, most notably the production of intermediate mass fragments, and for the creation of novel detector systems and signal processing technologies for both basic and applied nuclear science. Nominated by: Nuclear Physics (DNP)

Stroud, Rhonda M. (Naval Research Laboratory) – Former graduate student of Ken Kelton and Pat Gibbons Citation: For contributions to the structure of synthetic and natural materials including quasicrystals, aerogel nanocomposites, spin-polarized thin film devices and stardust. Nominated by: Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP)

Visser, Matt (Victoria University) – Former post-doc in high energy theory group Citation: For contributions to gravity theory, especially the effects of energy condition violations and the development of analog models of black hole and cosmological spacetimes. Nominated by: Gravitation (GGR)