Dr. Jonathan Reichert (Ph.D., 1962) president of Teachspin has donated a Noise Fundamentals experiment to our Junior/Senior Physical Measurements lab.

On March 28 the head of the company TeachSpin, Jonathan Reichert, a WU graduate (Ph.D., 1962), visited our department and delivered a very interesting and important new experiment NOISE FUNDAMENTALS to the Junior/Senior Physical Measurements Lab. Dr. Reichert was very kind to donate the experiment to the department.

TeachSpin's Noise Fundamentals is a set of tools for teaching and learning about electronic noise in the advanced and intermediate laboratory. The noise present in all electronic signals limits the sensitivity of many measurements. That, in itself, would be reason enough to motivate learning how noise can be quantified. But electronic noise can be much more than a nuisance, or a limit -- in the famous phrase of Landauer, sometimes ‘noise is the signal’. In fact, there are at least two cases in which the measurement of noise can give the values of fundamental constants.