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Sachiko Amari

Research Professor

Office Contact Information

454 Compton

Physics Department, CB 1105
Washington University
One Brookings Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899, USA

(314) 935-6248

Research Interests

Prof. Amari works on separation and isotopic analyses of presolar grains in meteorites. Laboratory studies on presolar grains, stardust born before the solar system, can provide a wealth of information on nucleosynthesis in stars, mixing of stellar ejecta, and the Galactic chemical evolution (temporal variations of elemental and isotopic abundances in the Galaxy). More information about presolar-grain research in our group can be found in the group website at

She is also interested in how volatiles were acquired in the solar system. I work on concentrating and isolating the carbonaceous matter that contains most of Kr and Xe in primitive meteorites.


Selected Recent Publications

  • Amari S. (2010) Presolar grain studies: Recent progress and development. in The 10th International Symposium on Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies, AIP Conf. Proceedings 1269 (eds. Tanihata I., Shima T., Ong H. J., Tamii A., Kishimoto T., Toki H., Kajino T. and Kubono S.) AIP, New York, 27-34
  • Hoppe, P. Leitner J., Gröner E., Marhas K. K., Meyer B. S. and Amari S. (2010) NanoSIMS studies of small presolar SiC grains: New insights into supernova nucleosynthesis, chemistry, and dust formation. Astrophys. J., 719, 1370-1384.
  • Matsuda J., Morishita K., Tsukamoto, H. Miyakawa C., Nara M., Amari S., Uchiyama T. and Takeda S. (2010) An attempt to search for phase Q: Noble gas, Raman spectroscopy and transmission electron microscopy in residues prepared from the Allende meteorite. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 74, 5398-5409.
  • Matsuda J., Tsukamoto H., Miyakawa C. and Amari S. (2010) Noble gas study of the Saratov L4 chondrite. Meteorit. Planet. Sci., 45, 361-372.
  • Amari S. (2009) Presolar Diamond in Meteorites. Publ. Astron. Soc. Australia, 26, 266-270.
  • Amari S. (2009) Sodium-22 from supernovae: A meteorite connection. Astrophys. J., 690, 1424-1431.

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