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Martin H. Israel


Office Contact Information

250 Compton

Physics Department, CB 1105
Washington University
One Brookings Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899, USA

(314) 935-6263
(314) 935-6219

Research Interests

Professor Israel has experience with balloon- and satellite-borne instrumentation for cosmic-ray astrophysics extending back to his joining the Washington University faculty in 1968. He was principal investigator of the Heavy Nuclei Experiment, which successfully flew on the HEAO-3 spacecraft in 1979-81 measuring abundances of rare cosmic-ray elements with atomic number (Z) greater than 26, extending up to the very rarest, actinide elements.

During a ten-year period, he was engaged full-time in senior university administrative positions, as the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (1987-94) and as a Vice Chancellor (1994-97). In July 1997 he returned to full-time research and teaching as Professor of Physics, where he was a co-investigator on the Trans-Iron Galactic Element Recorder (TIGER) experiment, an instrument that measured the elemental composition of rare cosmic rays heavier than Iron, which had a successful 32-day balloon flight circling the Antarctic continent during December 2001-January 2002 and a second flight lasting 18 days during December 2003-January 2004. Subsequently he and his colleagues flew a larger Super-TIGER, which had a record-breaking 55-day flight over Antarctica in December 2012-January 2013.

He also works with co-investigators at Washington University, Caltech, JPL, and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center on analysis of data from the Cosmic Ray Isotope Spectrometer (CRIS) on the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) spacecraft, which has been returning data on the isotopic composition of cosmic rays from near the L1 Lagrange point on the Earth-Sun line since 1997. He is also working with investigators at University of Hawaii and other institutions on the ANtarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA), a balloon-borne instrument that flew over Antarctica in December 2006 and again two years later searching for extremely high energy (>1018 eV) neutrinos and detecting cosmic rays of energy ~1019 eV. The third flight of ANITA is planned for December 2014.


Martin H. Israel's Complete Publications List


1969 Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
1962 B.S., University of Chicago


Honors and Awards

1970-1972 Alfred P. Sloan Fellow
1980 NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Award
2008 Academy of Science of St. Louis, Fellows Award


Professional Memberships

  • American Physical Society, Fellow
  • American Astronomical Society


Selected Recent National Committees

1996-1999 NASA Structure and Evolution of the Universe Subcommittee (SEUS)
1998-2002 NASA Space Station Utilization Advisory Subcommittee (SSUAS)
1998-2000 NASA ACCESS Working Group Executive Committee, chair
1997-2001 NASA-GSFC Space Science Visiting Committee, chair, 2000-2001
2004-2010 NASA Scientific Ballooning Roadmap Team, chair
2008-2010 NRC Committee on Role of Mission-Enabling Activities in NASA's Space Missions