Ryan Ogliore

Assistant Professor

Office Contact Information

455 Compton

Physics Department, CB 1105
Washington University
One Brookings Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899, USA

(314) 935-6140
(314) 935-6219

Research Interests

Our research group uses microanalytical techniques to study extraterrestrial materials in order to better understand the formation and evolution of our Solar System, as well as other stars.

We are analyzing returned samples from a comet, asteroidal regolith, lunar samples, solar wind, interplanetary dust particles, and meteorites. For example, in-situ isotopic analyses by secondary ion mass spectrometry of small grains from a comet have temporally constrained the transport of rocky material from the inner to the outer Solar System. We also employ electron-beam and synchrotron techniques to investigate, e.g., the interaction between an airless body and the space environment.

Selected Publications

  • Ogliore, R. C., K. Nagashima, G. R. Huss, A. J. Westphal, Z. Gainsforth, A. L. Butterworth, “The Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Fine-Grained and Coarse-Grained Material from Comet 81P/Wild 2”, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 166, 74–91, 2015
  • Gasda, P. J., R. C. Ogliore, “Modeling the Raman Spectrum of Insoluble Organic Material: Accuracy of Fitting and Uncertainty Estimation”, Applied Spectroscopy, 68:12, 1393–1406, 2014
  • Ogliore, R.C., C.E. Jilly, “Automated Gigapixel Optical Microscopy for Meteorite Characterization”, Planetary Science, 2, 3, 2013
  • Ogliore, R. C., A. L. Butterworth, Z. Gainsforth, G. R. Huss, D. Joswiak, K. Nagashima, J. Stodolna, T. Tyliszczak, A. J. Westphal, “Incorporation of a Late-forming Chondrule into Comet Wild 2”, The Astrophys- ical Journal, 745, L19–L23, 2012
  • Ogliore, R. C., G. R. Huss, K. Nagashima, “Ratio Estimation in SIMS Analysis”, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 269, 1910–1918, 2011


2007 Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
2002 M.S., California Institute of Technology
2000 B.A., Claremont McKenna College

Professional History

2015-present Assistant Professor, Washington University
2012-2015 Assistant Researcher, University of Hawaii at Manoa