How to create Japanese language documents under GNU/Linux using LaTeX

Mark Alford. Last updated: 2014-Feb-07.

For inputting Japanese characters in Linux, see Viewing and creating Japanese documents under GNU/Linux.
If you just want to create a Japanese text file, see How to create a Japanese text file using emacs.

These instructions work for the TeX Live TeX distribution. They were tested with TeX Live 2013 in Fedora 19. Earlier versions of this document gave instructions for TeX Live 2011 and TeX Live 2007.

(1) Install TeX Live 2013

In Fedora 19, TeX Live is available as a set of rpm packages which can be installed using yum. For a manual install, see the instructions for TeX Live 2011.

(2) Japanese typesetting using TeX

In TeX Live 2013 there are various ways to achieve this. For all of them you need to be able to create TeX (plain text) files containing Japanese text: see How to create a Japanese text file using emacs.

For more general information on Japanese and computing, see Jim Breen's Japanese page.

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