Workplace Climate and Diversity

The physics department has an unusually small proportion of women and under-represented minorities (URMs). We are working to correct this situation. Our diversity goals are:
  • Increase the fraction of women and URMs on our faculty, to at least the average level of other similar departments around the country, and preferably to the fraction obtaining Ph.D.s in physics
  • Attract more female and URM students to the Ph.D. program and the undergraduate major
  • Ensure that the department offers a welcoming and inclusive workplace climate for everyone, including women and URMs

Please help us to provide the best possible experience for all our undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and research staff, and administrative personnel by contacting one of the members of the "workplace climate and diversity committee" in case of concerns and/or if you have any suggestions for improving our program:

Dr. Mairin Hynes
Lecturer & lead of Woman in Physics Forum and
Diversity Committee Chair

Professor Mark Alford
Department Chair

Professor Anders Carlsson
Director of Graduate Studies

Sarah Akin
Undergraduate, Graduate and
Chair's Secretary

Professor Henric Krawczynski
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Alison Verbeck

Kiandokht Amiri
Graduate Student

Lindsey Lisalda
Graduate Student

Kelsey Meinerz
Graduate Student

Riley Martell
Undergraduate Student

Viktoria Ohstrom
Undergraduate Student

Tyler Orden
Undergraduate Student

All the committee members are committed to strict confidentiality limited only by the University's sexual harassment reporting requirements (see:

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