Experimental Physics

Physics Applications in Biology & Medicine
Conradi, Miller and Wessel
  • Magnetic resonance imaging using hyperpolarized gas
  • Tissue characterization via ultrasound
  • Computer-assisted image processing
  • Experimental neural networks
  • Biophysics of computation in brains
  • Mechanical response of biomembranes and artificial tissue

Astrophysics & Space Sciences
Amari, Bernatowicz, Binns, Buckley, Cowsik, Floss, Israel, Krawczynski, Ogliore and Meshik

  • Cosmic-ray astrophysics
  • X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy
  • Cosmochronology
  • Meteorites and interplanetary dust
  • Interstellar grains from primitive materials
  • Analyses of returned extraterrestrial materials
  • Lunar and planetary science
  • Fundamental Physics & Gravitation

Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics
Conradi, Henriksen and Murch

  • Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics
  • Quantum measurement and control
  • Laser polarized gases
Condensed Matter & Materials Physics
Conradi, Gibbons, Katz, Henriksen, Kelton, Miller, Murch, Schilling and Solin
  • Nanostructured materials and nanotechnology
  • Non-equilibrium processing of materials
  • High-Pressure Physics: Superconductivity and magnetism
  • Quasicrystals, metallic glasses and other metastable materials
  • Liquid structures and properties
  • Amorphous semiconductors
  • Ultrasonics
  • Soft Materials
  • Magnetic resonance
  • High-pressure physics
  • Metal hydrides
  • Quantum Electronic Properties of Graphene
  • Nano-fabrication techniques

Nuclear Physics
Charity, Dickhoff, Sarantites and Sobotka

  • In-medium correlations between nucleons
  • Exotic nuclear decay modes
  • Behavior of nuclei at high spin and excitation energy
  • Asymmetry dependence of the nuclear equation of state