Nuclear Physics

There are two experimental nuclear physics groups, one led by Professors Charity and Sobotka and, and the other by Professor Sarantites. These groups are joint with the chemistry department.

The work in these groups includes: the study of the in-medium correlations between nucleons, both the bound and continuum structure of nuclei far from stability, exotic nuclear decay modes, the behavior of nuclei at high spin and excitation energy, the asymmetry dependence of the nuclear equation of state, and advances in both detectors and electronics for detecting ionizing radiation. These groups collaborate with nuclear theorists (most significantly Professor Dickhoff) and electrical engineers (at both WU and other local institutions.)

In the past few years, the nuclear groups have made use of experimental facilities at: Argonne National Laboratory, The National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Duke University (using both the Tandem and the Free Electron Laser), Texas A&M University, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.